The Oak for our Collections originates from material salvaged from barns and warehouses including beams and barn siding.


The Shepard’s Oak is produced from weathered tobacco barn siding complete with character knots and nail holes. 


The Post and Beam Oak is re-milled from large Oak beams offering a cleaner sophisticated finish.

Post & Beam Oak

 The Thoroughbred Oak is collected from horse farm fence planking from Kentucky. 


The Poplar Collection is created from reclaimed Poplar beams from a historic hotel located in Louisville, Kentucky salvaged during renovations.  It displays a beautiful aged patina with original surface marks or is available clean displaying colors ranging from green to golden amber.



The Pine in our Collections is reclaimed from warehouses and barns. The Random Width Heart Pine flooring contains both heartwood and sapwood and displays various grain patterns, knots and nail holes. The Longwood Wide Plank Heart Pine is produced from massive reclaimed beams. The flooring consists primarily of heartwood and displays beautiful grain patterns and patina.



The Beech displays a wide range of color and grain.  The colors range from hues of golden amber to soft reds.  The grains also vary creating a gentle flow to the wood.